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Get more for your car.

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Hassle free.

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Sell your car with ease on Carity

On average it takes a private seller 6 weeks to sell their car. Get paid right away so that you can move on with your life.

Learn how Carity takes the pain out of selling your car privately, and helps put more money back into your pocket.

How it works

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

Selling cars as a private seller is difficult. Aside from dealing with odd calls, low-ball offers, and test-drives with strangers, it can take months to sell your car privately. Carity simplifies the process with a few easy steps.

  • 01.

    Get a Price

    Enter in a few vehicle details, and Carity will give you a price estimate on your car within minutes.

  • 02.

    Cash Now

    After performing a mobile inspection, a Carity specialist will come pick up your vehicle and pay you the Cash Now payment.

  • 03.

    Cash Later

    Once we sell your car at the retail market price, we will pay you the Cash Later payment.

Selling with Carity

What our Customers are saying

No Hassles

Selling privately is painful and time consuming. Carity will eliminate your need to deal with scammers and tire kickers by selling your car for you.

Make More Money

We sell your car at retail market prices, transparently and efficiently. You can make thousands more than the typical dealer trade-in values.

Real Offer - Sold Fast

Get a real price at the comfort of your home. No games or negotiations. Once we verify the condition of your vehicle, we will come pick-it up and pay you on the spot.

What is Cash Now + Cash Later?

Used vehicle prices can fluctuate. By separating the payment into two, your combined cash value will be reflective of the true market price.

Cash Now

The upfront amount paid to you when we pick-up the vehicle. It is often similar to the trade-in prices you get at a traditional dealership.

Cash Later

When we sell the vehicle, you receive a second payment for your share of the financial upside. The split is transparently shown in your Carity offer.